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Cold application on the skin: this is the anti-aging secret

woman with ice

Applying cold to the skin is a good way to take care of it and make it more beautiful and healthy. Here’s how this technique works.

With the arrival of summer, the need to hydrate the skin and give it relief becomes more and more urgent. In this regard, a technique that can prove particularly useful is that of applying cold to the skin of the face. This can also be done simply at home by using ice cubes . A technique that, if performed correctly, gives several benefits while also bringing several better ones from an aesthetic point of view and to which are added greater hydration and a pleasant sense of relief.

How to apply cold to the skin

There are several ways to apply cold to the face. The most important is the one that involves the use of some ice cubes. To be safe, these should not be applied directly to the skin but wrapped in a cotton cloth .

ice cube
ice cube

Once this is done, just place them on the face to obtain an anti-aging effect. The cold, in fact, through the effect of vessel constriction, brings several benefits. Applying the ice on different parts of the face will thus be able to deflate it, to reduce bags and dark circles, etc …

If you usually apply moisturizers or anti-wrinkle creams , they can be kept in the fridge, at least for the summer. In this way the active ingredient will act faster offering greater benefits.

The benefits of applying cold to the skin

Applying the cold to the skin using ice cubes or creams specially stored in the fridge brings various benefits that are to be considered useful at any age and especially after 40 years. Among the most important are:

Anti-aging effect
– Possibility of reducing burns or minor burns
– Relief of swelling
– Vasoconstriction effect beneficial for the skin
– Flattening of the bags under the eyes
– Alleviation of dark circles
– Look more rested
– Greater skin hydration
Brighter and more relaxed skin
– Greater effect of creams and products for the face

As already mentioned, it is very important to remember not to apply ice cubes directly to the skin. The risk is in fact to burn her due to being too cold, leading to unpleasant consequences.

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