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Cold sweat: why it happens, what are the causes and possible consequences

Cold sweats

Have you ever had a cold sweat? Let’s find out what it depends on, what are the symptoms, the causes and what risks can be encountered.

Cold sweat is a phenomenon that can occur at any time in life. In some cases it can be a sign of digestive problems or problems related to the intestine and its well-being. In some circumstances, however, it can represent an important alarm bell for some pathologies or even serious problems and that it is therefore important to investigate.

Let’s find out the main causes of cold sweat, what are the symptoms associated with it and how to remedy the problem in the simplest way possible.

Cold sweat: the causes that it is important to learn to recognize

Cold sweat happens to everyone sooner or later. However, when it becomes a problem that occurs often or with other related symptoms, it is important to pay attention to it and try to go deeper into the doctor.

Cold sweats
Cold sweats

Cold sweats, in fact, can be a sign of pathologies or even serious problems. But let’s proceed step by step and go to the most common causes of cold sweat which are:

– Panic attacks
– Indigestion
Low blood pressure
– Menopause
– Mononucleosis
– Intoxication
– Burns
– Tuberculosis
– Intestinal blockage
– Heart attack
– Sickle cell anemia

Causes that, as it is easy to guess, must be interpreted by the attending physician in order to understand how to best act to avoid complications and to solve the problem.

In particular, it is good not to waste time when the cold sweat at night or during the day is associated with paleness, fainting, fever, edema, difficulty swallowing, chest pain and mental confusion.

How to remedy when cold sweat is not linked to particular problems

If after investigating with your doctor you realize that cold sweat continues to show up from time to time, you can try to hydrate properly , taking time to relax.
This situation, in the absence of ongoing problems, tends to manifest itself in case of anxiety or stress . For this reason, trying to find peace of mind by breathing deeply and drinking water can help you find immediate relief.

As already mentioned, however, if by doing so you continue to feel bad it is important to hear from the doctor and in case of faintness, paleness or other symptoms it could be important to even call for help.

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