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Colitis: the remedies to defeat one of the most common ailments of recent times

woman with stomach ache

Colitis and the remedies to treat it are a topic that not everyone knows. Let’s find out more by delving into the natural ones.

Colitis is an increasingly common problem that can compromise the quality of life. Also known as irritable bowel syndrome, it consists of an inflammation of the intestine that can have different causes that are usually linked to stress, poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is one of the so-called functional diseases , that is linked to an incorrect functioning of the organ. It generally occurs around the age of 40 but this can vary based on various factors. What really matters is being able to recognize colitis and the most suitable remedies to return to life without more problems.

How to cure colitis

Generally, colitis can lead to different symptoms that vary from person to person. To cure it, it is therefore necessary to understand its exact origins and change one’s lifestyle.

woman with stomach ache
woman with stomach ache

According to many doctors, colitis has mainly psychological origins. Others, however, argue that it is a problem mostly linked to the microbiota and to a wrong diet that alters its natural balance. In both cases, there are treatments that can help alleviate the problem, some of which are real natural remedies.

Colitis: natural remedies

For colitis, there are several natural remedies that can bring relief to the many symptoms. Among the most popular is aloe vera. This, in fact, manages to create a protective barrier for the intestine. And among other things it also regulates the ph. Consuming it in the form of a gel therefore represents a valid help against colitis pains. And, in many cases, it also acts as a regulator of intestinal functions.

Another excellent remedy for colitis is given by chamomile . This in the form of herbal tea helps to relax. In addition to relaxing the mind, it helps to avoid muscle spasms and contractions. And this works in a positive way to silence the painful symptoms.

It is important to remember that the real cure, however, takes place through a diet that must be free of certain foods and contain others rich in fiber (without exaggerating), lactic ferments and non-irritating products for the intestine.

Obviously, in the case of full-blown colitis, the right way forward is always the one indicated by the treating doctor.

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