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Collagen, what it is and what it is for our body

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Toned and elastic skin, anti-aging and not only, collagen is the protein molecule present in the body of all mammals that promotes its well-being and aesthetics!

Unlike what has been thought so far, collagen does not only serve to promote the beauty of the skin . This protein substance is indeed present, in abundant quantities, in the body of all of us but its purposes are manifold.

In addition to promoting the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, it is fundamental for our well-being as it acts on a structural level to give greater support to the whole body!

Collagen, what it is and what it is for the human body

Collagen is widespread as a beauty ingredient for face or body creams. We have seen and reviewed it sponsored for its guaranteed beauty effects, such as anti-age and tonic . But is it all here? Well no! The term collagen indicates a particular protein molecule that is present in all mammals, in high quantities among other things. In humans it represents about 25% of its protein mass and 6% of the total body weight.

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For humans it is vital as it intervenes within the connective tissue to promote support for the whole body. It is used for hair, nails, tendons, ligaments and bones which, thanks to it, will be more resistant and healthy. This protein is made up of three essential amino acids and is constantly renewed due to its important properties.

However, as we age, its production can decrease and the renewal process can slow down, even considerably. Despite this, there are several techniques to encourage their production including the ingestion of collagen-based supplements !

Where exactly is it in our body?

Collagen is present within the connective tissue of our body, especially in bones, skin, tendons, teeth, cartilage, membranes and blood vessels. As the word itself says, from the Greek “glue”, it is functional to hold together all the parts just mentioned!

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