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Coloring shampoo: duration and characteristics

Blue Hair

Change your hair color without dyeing it: what coloring shampoo is and how it works!

Coloring your hair not in a definitive way is possible: you don’t have to dye your hair, you just need a coloring shampoo. If you want to change your look, but you’re not sure of which color, you can surely choose this product, as you can go back to your natural color in no time. Let’s learn something more about it!

What is the coloring shampoo?

As we have just mentioned, this is a temporary dye which shall be used like a normal shampoo. In addition to cleanse the scalp and wash the hair, it also colors it. Of course, you have to rinse it more, in order to remove the excess colour. Remember to wear gloves!

Blue Hair

It is not easy to choose this product: we have to focus on quality ones, perfect for our type of hair. Some shampoos can also be used on dry hair. Obviously, you cannot use the coloring shampoo on dyed hair. If you have black hair, you cannot obtain a light brown.

Coloring shampoo: how long it lasts and who can use it

Coloring shampoo lasts according to depending on several factors. However, it usually lasts approximately 6 to 8 washes, depending on the type of ordinary shampoo we use to wash it. The more the product is aggressive, the more it will be easier for the color to fade. For this reason, you can ask your hairdresser for advice. After some washing, then, you will return to the color you had before and maybe choose a different color shampoo!

Before using this product, try it to see if you are allergic. Avoid it if you are pregnant! Moreover, do not use coloring shampoo if you usually go to the swimming pool: the hair will be protected from chlorine, but the color might fade sooner.

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