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Concealer is every woman’s best friend: let’s find out together how to apply it and the mistakes to avoid!

Make-up is great to hide all blemishes, for example pimples or dark circles. The number one product is concealer: this products hides flaws and everything we don’t want to show.

However, sometimes we don’t apply it in the right way, obtaining the opposite result. Let’s find out how to use it and the mistakes we should avoid!

Concealer: how to choose it and what to avoid

It seems easy to use, but it’s not. This product is very important to hide blemishes on our faces, but there are some rules to follow when it comes to apply it.

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First of all, let’s find out the most common mistakes. Do not apply the concealer before the foundation, avoid shades that don’t match your skin tone and overdo with it.

Even its formula is very important: cream products are better to cover face blemishes. Instead, you will need a liquid one if you want to cover your dark circles.

How to perfectly apply concealer

Dark circles. This product can be really helpful to cover them, You don’t need specific tools, you can use your finger or a little brush. Gently dab the product under your eyes, from the inner part of the eye to the outer corner. Try and create a shade that will cover your dark circles!

Pimples and blemishes. If applied in the right way, concealer can hide not only blemishes and pimples, but also spots and scars. Against a very red pimple, use first a green concealer, then one of your skin tone. Always remember to dab the product, don’t spread it.

Furthermore, the other concealer shades, for example the peach one, hide bruises or visible dark circle. Instead, the yellow one hides skin irregularities!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/trucco-blog-bellezza-donna-2169240/

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