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Concealer: the best secrets to use it!

This product is useful for every woman. Let’s find out how to apply it and all its secrets!

Makeup is the best way to hide all our blemishes. In particular, concealer corrects our imperfections and solves our beauty problems. However, you need to learn how to use this product in a perfect way, if you want to look beautiful! Let’s find our together how!

Concealer: how to choose it and the mistakes to avoid

It seems an easy product to use, but there are actually some rules to follow, if you want to apply it in the best way possible. Let’s find out which ones.

First of all, we need to understand the most common mistakes, for example applying it before the foundation. Moreover, avoid using too much of this product or the wrong shade for your skin.

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Moreover, you should know that cream concealers are useful to hide blemishes on your face, while liquid ones are perfect to get rid of your dark circles!

How to perfectly apply this beauty product

To hide eye bags. This product is amazing to get rid of this problem and of dark circles. You can apply it with a little brush or simply dab it with one of your fingers. Blend it to hide your blemish!

To hide pimples. Concealer is perfect to hide pimples, spots or scars. For very inflamed ones, choose a green product and dab it all over your blemish.

Another thing you should know is that different colored concealers can hide different problems. For example, a peach product can hide bruises and very dark circles. Instead, a yellow one hides skin irregularities!

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