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Conditioner: which is the best one for your hair?

Conditioner: which is the best one for your hair?

In order to take care of your hair in the best way possible, you need to learn how choose the right conditioner.

Usually, you need conditioner to tame your hair and make it less dry and frizzy. However, there are thousand of types of this product, and you need to find the right one for you. How to choose your conditioner? You need to consider your type of hair, in order to give it the best nutrient supply. Once you find the perfect product, you need to learn how to apply it!

Conditioner: the best choice for your hair

First of all, you need to know that there are two main types of this product. The classic one, also known as “rinse”, that you massage on your after the shampoo and rinse after a few minutes.

The second one is called “leave-in”. You apply it right after having dryed your hair with a towel and before you blow-dry it. Now, let’s see the different sub-types of conditioner, in order to choose the best product for your hair!

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Conditioner: all the types

Volumizing. This product untangles your hair and makes it shine, but also makes it very fine and voluminous. It is a light conditioner, different from theother ones, which tend to make your hair heavier. It is perfect for people with fine hair.

Moisturizing. If your hair is dry, damaged or dull or it underwent thousands of treatments, such as a permanent or a straightening, you need this type of conditioner. This beauty ally usually has a very rich texture.

Against oily hair. People with this type of hair should avoid conditioner, because the vast majority of this products tends to make the hair heavier. However, there still are suitable conditioners. Other than the volumizing one, you can use all the products whose label says “for oily hair”.

For dyed hair. This type of conditioner helps making your hair color shine and last longer. It protects the color against the water effect.

Beauty tip: remember to apply conditioner on the ends, and not on the roots or on your scalp, otherwise your hair will look oily and heavy.

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