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Constipation and nutrition: here are the recommended foods and those to avoid


Constipation is a problem that afflicts millions of people, but it can be fought with some tricks at the table: let’s find out which are the laxative foods par excellence.

When it comes to bowel regularity , we go too often to touch a sore spot. The lucky ones who have no problems can only imagine the daily ailments that all those suffering from constipation go through, that is the phenomenon for which intestinal transit is slowed down and evacuation becomes difficult. Swollen stomach, loss of appetite, cramps and difficulty in passing stool are the most common symptoms of this problem.

If in cases of stubborn constipation it is better to contact your doctor, in some situations we can solve the disorder by following some dietary advice. Digestion, whose final process is evacuation, begins at the table. Let’s find out what are the foods that act as natural laxatives .

Constipation, the role of diet

To combat lazy intestines, the first rule is nutrition. We know how fibers play an important role in promoting intestinal regularity. In fact, these substances attract water into the colon and increase the volume of stool, thus making it softer and easier to excrete .

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That’s why, in case of constipation, we can go to all those foods that contain a good amount of fiber. Without forgetting, of course, the importance of proper hydration : water is the first remedy for constipation. Now let’s see what are the foods that help accelerate intestinal transit .

Constipation: what to eat

Fruits and vegetables should be the cornerstone of the diet, even more so in case of constipation. But what, specifically, are the foods recommended for this problem? Among the fruits, the richest in fiber are apples, pears, grapes, plums, kiwis , figs, cherries, apricots and chestnuts. Also excellent dried fruit (walnuts and almonds) and dried fruit ( prunes in primis).

As for the vegetables, we can bring to the table zucchini, green beans , asparagus, celery, artichokes, broccoli, eggplant, spinach, fennel and chicory. Raw or cooked, vegetables are great against constipation as long as they are chewed well. Finally, whole grains proved to be adequate to combat the problem of poor evacuation. Watch out for the refined ones, which are much poorer in fiber and bran.

Foods to avoid with constipation

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Care should also be taken to avoid foods that are low in fiber – or none at all – and which are more difficult to digest . Meat, whether red or white, but also cheeses and foods rich in preservatives do not help intestinal regularity.

Also eliminate stimulant drinks from your diet, such as coffee and tea, sodas, and alcohol. All these foods are in fact irritating to the intestine, create swelling and limit the absorption of essential nutrients.

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