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Contact lenses and makeup: mistakes to avoid

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You wear contact lenses but you do not know how to do your makeup? Unfortunately, you can commit a lot of mistakes with your daily makeup, but we’ll tell you what to avoid!

It’s not always easy to do a contact lenses-friendly makeup. However, thanks to our tips you will make no mistakes anymore. In this case, the color of the eyeshadow or the line of your eyeliner is not important. The most important thing is to find out how to do your makeup while wearing contact lenses, avoiding mistakes and realizing a color-fast look.

All the mistakes you need to avoid

There are some small precautions when you’re doing your make-up while wearing contact lenses. The first thing to do is to put them after you’ve done your makeup, because if your eyes start watering, you can smudge pencil, eyeshadow and mascara.

Never use dirty brushes, because the risk of allergic reactions is very high, especially if you are wearing your lenses. Removing your makeup with your contact lenses on is very risky: you might irritate your eyes. Remove them before!

Moreover, remember to never use the same lenses if there’s some makeup on them. You can contract conjunctivitis! If you use the monthly ones, surely this is not the most economic choice, then always remember to clean them properly. Always use the specific saline solution designed to cleaning contact lenses.

blue eyes

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Eye makeup and contact lenses: products to avoid

It is important to choose hypoallergenic cosmetics, easily available in pharmacy but also in many beauty shops. All the other products not designed for sensitive eyes may irritate yours.

It is absolutely forbidden to use too persistent makeup products, especially waterproof mascara. If you are wearing it, removing your makeup will be more difficult and might irritate your eyes.

Glitter is absolutely forbidden: so no pencils and eye shadows which contain it. Those micro-elements may end up in your eyes, irritating them and annoying you.

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