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Cooking and relaxation: the new way to feel good, relaxing mind and body

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Scientific research confirms how the combination of cooking and relaxation is actually beneficial for the mind and body, producing true relaxation and priceless serenity!

Culinary art implies a series of gestures and movements that give a true spiritual and physical benefit to the human being. And so, if the choice of ingredients and the dish to be made helps to drive away bad thoughts and stress, slow gestures do much more.

Kneading, baking, mixing … are all actions that are good for you and that offer true relaxation and a sense of peace and harmony . Let’s find out how cooking and relaxation can get married to create a perfectly beneficial mix!

Is it possible to relax by cooking?

That cooking and relaxation are one consequence of the other is proven by a scientific study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology . The research examines the well-being that creative physical activities give to human beings, and cooking is just one of them! All actions related to the culinary world and small gestures are part of a ritual that induces bodily and mental relaxation .

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The scientific explanation is very simple: those who cook enter a cognitive process called grounding , or “grounding”. By this term we mean the awareness of being in the present moment, of the here and now, in full creative concentration . And so, inserted in a pleasant context in which cooking really likes and is a passion, the benefits that can be drawn from it will be countless.

Not only that, the sense of relaxation throughout the body will also persist in the following days and we will feel a true inner harmony , with ourselves and with those around us. The calm that we will release will be immense and will be perceptible in the air, with a psychophysical benefit as well as night sleep. Well, what can we say, we uncover the flour and … hands to the dough!

Cooking is a creative act

How many people think ” cooking relaxes me ” without really knowing why. Like any creative act , even the action of cooking leads to discovering and learning new things: dishes to experiment, ingredients to try … It is a real art that, cultivated day after day, can be a source of union for the whole family and well-being at home.

If you are moms even better: children love to help and they will be very happy to create star or heart- shaped biscuits with the molds you have bought for the occasion. Who knows, maybe they could even develop a real talent ! Then, don’t forget: the flour will fly, and the crumbs on the ground will be many, but the joy and serenity that you have created will be unforgettable for them.

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