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Copper: what foods contain it?

Copper: what foods contain it?

Even though our body contains a little bit of it, copper is a fundamental element for our health.

When we think about the most important mineral salts for our organism, we immediately think about iron, sodium, potassium and similar. We seldom consider copper, even though this element has many tasks in our body. For this reason, we need to take the right amount of it through our diet. But what foods contain it?

Copper: what is its function?

Copper is a trace element that is responsible for the right functioning of many biological processes. For example, it promotes the absorption of iron and calcium, therefore helping to protect bones and muscles. Moreover, it is part of the hemoglobine production process: this is why copper is perfect to fight anemia.

Its antispasmodic action is very useful in case of cramps and muscle pains. For this reason, it is very common as a natural remedy against period pains. Moreover, it is a powerful detox substance, other than having antiseptic properties against viral and bacteria inflammations.

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A copper deficiency can cause annoying symptoms: bacteria infections, arthritis, osteoporosis, vein fragility, thyroid problems, neurological problems, cardiovascular lesions and melanin deficiency. On the contrary, too much copper can cause poisoning, esophagus and stomach mucosa irritations and intestinal problems.

Where to find this element?

Now that we know how important this element is for our health, it’s time to find out what foods contain it. The best sources of copper have animal origins. Just like humans, farm animals have the highest amount of this trace element in their internal organs. Therefore, liver, entrails, tripe, brain are very rich of it. Fish also contains a descreet quantity of copper, especially crab meat.

For what concerns vegetal origin sources, there are many, even though they contain a lesser amount of this element. Mushrooms and dried fruit, especially almonds and cashews, are the best ones. Among legumes, choose lentils: a 100 gram serving contains the recommended daily amount of copper. Finally, this trace element is contained in a very important food: dark chocolate! Yet another reason to not give up on it in our diet!

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