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Corn starch face mask, an excellent anti-wrinkle!

woman face mask

For a surprising and, above all, natural botox effect, the ideal is the corn starch face mask, easy to make at home and super effective as anti-wrinkle.

How many times have we bought cosmetic products or anti-aging creams that have not proven to be as effective as we had hoped? It happens to everyone sooner or later, but this does not mean we have to give up. The 0 km solution is always there and this time it is super natural . This is the corn starch mask that guarantees a plumping and filling effect on our face.

Making it at home is very simple, it costs nothing and above all it allows us to have an evergreen , non-polluting and effective remedy at your fingertips!

How to make a corn starch face mask

Making a cornstarch for wrinkles is really simple, at no cost and with a few specific ingredients . First of all you need to prepare 1 tablespoon of corn starch, 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt, 150 ml of water and 3 tablespoons of natural carrot juice. Once this is done, just mix the corn starch with the first 50 ml of water in order to obtain a homogeneous compound.

woman face mask
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The remaining 100 ml of water must be brought to a boil to then add the mixture obtained and mix again for a while. Once the solution has cooled, you can add natural yogurt and carrot juice. When all the ingredients are blended perfectly we will have a face mask with guaranteed botox powers !

How do you use it? Well, it’s very simple: apply the mask on the face for about 40 minutes before rinsing it with plenty of warm water. To obtain a perfectly plumped, luminous and rejuvenated face, it is recommended to prolong its use once a day for at least a month !

Because wrinkles come

The appearance of wrinkles stems from several factors simultaneously. Too much sun exposure, for example, causes us to squint our eyes for many hours and this facilitates the onset of so-called expression lines . For this reason, it is recommended to always use sunscreen on the face and eye area and wear sunglasses .

But, going specifically, wrinkles are the visible consequence on our face, and on our skin, of the decrease in collagen in the body. As aging occurs, the collagen produced by the metabolism drops significantly. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to intervene with supplements or effective remedies for its rebalancing!

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