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Coronavirus: is it true that it resists on surfaces? Here’s what to watch out for!


Due to all the fake news circulating on the web it is necessary to clarify: how long does the coronavirus resist on surfaces? What security measures can I take? Let’s find out.

With the coronavirus spreading more and more, being affected is no longer the only thing you need to watch out for. In fact, along with the disease, a lot of fake news is also spreading. In particular, these fake news concern the transmissibility and resistance of the coronavirus. Fortunately, among the many unreliable news, it is also possible to find the words and statements of experts or authoritative sources.

The resistance of the coronavirus on surfaces

In February and March 2020, bogus news appeared on the net concerning an alleged resistance of the coronavirus on the surfaces of shoes and jackets . However, as stated by a doctor from the University of Milan, although the virus can really resist on these surfaces, when it does it has a ” negligible infectious charge “.

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Other comments were made by Roberto Burioni, a doctor specializing in immunology and allergology. According to him, the virus does not survive on surfaces for long . In fact, after a period of one day for paper, two for plastic and three for metal, the infectious charge would become negligible.

In October 2020, an Australian study decreed that in particular environmental conditions (to tell the truth they are more laboratory and almost never occur in the external environment) the virus resists on smooth surfaces, such as paper and metals, for up to 28 days . The viral load, with the passage of time, gradually decreases until it disappears.

How to behave: the precautions against the coronavirus

Although the resistance of the coronavirus on the surfaces we deal with every day is relatively limited, two or three days is enough to contract the virus. Consequently, it is necessary to take precautions .

Fortunately, when we talk about plastic and metal, we are talking about surfaces that are easy to clean . It is always good to dedicate at least a moment of your time to taking care of your home, disinfecting the surfaces we deal with every day, such as the kitchen counter .

In addition, there are many small steps that we can take to safeguard our well-being and that of those around us. One solution could be to leave jackets, shoes, masks, gloves and everything else that may have been contaminated outside the area of ​​the house we live in, i.e. the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Let’s not forget to wash our hands and also pay attention to the surfaces to which we could give less weight: remember to disinfect your smartphone daily.

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