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Coronavirus swab, everything you need to know


The coronavirus is putting a strain on northern Italy, with an increasing number of people affected. Let’s find out how to make the swab that allows you to locate it.

With several cases now confirmed and the first victims, the coronavirus is putting a strain on northern Italy . The various Italian municipalities and institutions are implementing various security measures to try to limit the spread of the virus . However, it appears that the number of people affected is expected to grow further.

In these cases, it is the duty of citizens who suspect that they have been affected by the coronavirus to undergo the swab which allows to verify the presence of the virus or not. But how does this test work? Let’s find out.

Coronavirus, how to request a swab

Coronavirus swab
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First of all, it is good to avoid going to the hospital or emergency room: there is the possibility of ordering a tampon at home . For more information you can call 1500 or go to the website of the Ministry of Health , where you can find regional toll-free numbers.

Before performing the swab, the patient will undergo specific questions to determine whether he has had contact with people at risk or with people infected with coronavirus. After that, if it is established that the risk is concrete , the swab is carried out.

Coronavirus, how the swab works

The procedure by which the swab is used to determine the presence or absence of coronavirus is very simple. With the help of a cotton swab, a sample of saliva and mucus is taken from the throat of the individual subjected to the test.

The amount collected is immediately sent to one of the two specialized laboratories , the Spallanzani hospital in Rome or the Sacco in Milan. Through a test on the genetic code of the sample, the presence of the coronavirus is looked for and, if the search is successful, the patient is infected.

The results are usually returned very quickly , the wait can vary from a few hours to a maximum of one day. The average is around five hours . However, the large turnout over the past two days could lead to slight delays.

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