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Costal contusion: how to recognize it and what to do

rib pain

Rib contusion is a problem that can occur following a fall or a very strong impact. We learn to recognize it.

When we talk about rib contusion we mean an injury that can also be quite painful and that almost always requires a certain period of rest and treatment to be able to return or reduce the symptoms. So let’s try to understand which are the most important symptoms to recognize and how to behave in case of pains that are too difficult to manage.

Bruises to the ribs: the symptoms to recognize

For the broken rib the symptoms are usually a particularly intense pain that is combined with a certain difficulty in breathing. This can also be joined by swelling or bruising.

rib pain
rib pain

Depending on the symptoms present after a blow to the ribs or a contusion born for other reasons, the doctor may request an X-ray in order to understand the extent of the problem. The good news is that in most cases for cracked ribs, home remedies can be.

In fact, it is possible to resort to dry ice packs, breathing exercises, absolute rest with pressure against the pillow when coughing and the use of painkillers to be taken only if suggested by the attending physician . Typically for a cracked rib, healing times can range from a few days to a few weeks.

When to contact your doctor for more in-depth treatment

Although for a cracked rib, the most common treatment is home care, if the pain does not go away and joins new symptoms such as pain in the abdomen , cough with secretions and / or fever, it is better to feel the treating physician in order to carry out new investigations and find more specific remedies to make the pain go away.

It is indeed very important to avoid dangers such as chest infections or lung damage. This can only be ascertained with the right diagnostic investigations. Finally, it is important to remember that in case of rib problems following sudden collisions or accidents, it is advisable to go to the emergency room to make sure there is nothing serious.

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