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Cotton-seed oil fights high cholesterol levels!

Cotton-seed oil fights high cholesterol levels!

A recent study found out that cotton-seed oil is excellent to reduce  high cholesterol levels!

This new study showed this oil is rich in properties and benefits able to fight high cholesterol levels. It is even more efficient than extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Jamie Cooper and her team at the University of Georgia, Atlanta, conducted the research.

The research compared patients who followed a diet with cotton-seed oil and others who used extra virgin olive oil. They studied their blood cholesterol levels and the results were amazing.

High cholesterol level: lower it with a diet based on cotton-seed oil!

During the research, 15 healthy adults followed for five days a high-fat diet to which were added the two oils. The purpose was to evaluate the effects on lipid profiles.

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The results, published in the Nutrition Research, show that young people who used cotton-seed oil enjoyed many benefits. Their high cholesterol and triglycerides levels lowered. Instead, those who followed a diet based on showed no big differences.

Dr. Jamie Cooper explained: “These results were so surprising because of the many changes in people who followed a cotton-seed oil based diet. Seeing so many changes in so little time is exciting“.

In addition, there are other natural remedies to lower high cholesterol levels. One of these is eating honey, almonds, walnuts, omega three and many other foods.

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