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Couples therapy: how it works and when it is useful

couples therapy

Couples therapy is a useful way to counter a crisis or to find an easier way to relate. Let’s find out how it works and when to consider it.

Going to couple therapy is a useful way to try to recover a relationship in crisis but also to learn to better deal with the partner , acquiring a language that is functional for the couple and that helps to really communicate. It is therefore a therapeutic approach that can prove useful in various situations and that, for this reason, it is always worth considering.

Couples therapy: how it works

Couples therapy works like a normal therapy that in this specific case is faced in two. Typically it takes place in a relaxed environment where the therapist tries to really connect the partners, prompting them to talk to each other and tell each other in a different way than usual. In some cases, different approaches can also be used, such as EMDR .

couples therapy
couples therapy

Often, in fact, at the base of the problems in a relationship there are misunderstandings given by a wrong way of communicating. Which the therapist can solve by leaving exercises to do together and teaching new ways of approaching.
A session can cost between 60 and 80 euros per couple. As for the duration, a lot obviously depends on the situation and the type of problems to be faced.

Couples therapy: when is it needed?

Generally, couple therapy (as well as normal therapy) is a path that is always good as it helps to grow and to shake off the stakes and constraints that often arise without even knowing it. That said, couple therapy for spouses is important when a marriage is now in crisis and lack of communication.
Obviously, we must not think that it is enough to go to therapy to find solutions. It is in fact a difficult path at times and one must have the will to take on both sides.

So when do you need to go to couples therapy? In all those cases in which you perceive a distance from your partner and you feel you are no longer united as in the past.
It can be useful for overcoming traumas, misunderstandings, internal conflicts and even problems managing life as a couple. On the contrary, couples therapy does not work when only one of the two wants it or when one hopes to solve problems simply by going to the sessions but without then working on oneself.

It is therefore a path of growth that is always worth tackling, as long as you are ready to embrace it in its entirety and suffer any consequences. If in most cases it can be considered a valid help, in the event of relationships so compromised that they are destined to end, it can lead to conclusion more quickly. This is why it is a decision to always be made after careful consideration and in agreement with the partner.

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