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Covid and Delta variant: the symptoms that it is important to recognize

woman with Covid symptoms

Delta variant: are the symptoms always the same? Here’s what you need to know and how to recognize them in time.

When it comes to Covid , there are always many things to say, especially if there are variations at stake. The latest entry, the Delta variant, for example, has symptoms that seem to be increasingly similar to those of a common cold. We try to understand more and how to recognize it in time.

What are the symptoms of the Covid delta variant to watch out for

A variant is the mutation of a virus which in the moment in which it changes can make significant differences both in the symptoms and in the effects.

woman with Covid symptoms
woman with Covid symptoms

About the latest mutation discovered in India, or the Delta, the symptoms actually seem to have changed becoming much more similar to those of a cold. Among the most common are migraines, sore throat, persistent cough, runny nose and sneezing. Nothing more than what happens when one is influenced. Which could lead more and more people to underestimate the disease. If once the loss of taste and smell was almost clearly distinguished from Covid, today these symptoms seem to have become increasingly rare .

And the vaccinated? The symptoms of the delta variant with vaccine appear to be the same, sometimes more attenuated and with a higher incidence of sneezing. As for the little ones, however, the symptoms of the delta variant in children are once again the same but with possible fatigue and a rather high fever.

Delta variant symptoms: after how many days they arise in non vaccinated

Generally, the range of time from the infection to the onset of the first symptoms is around five days . In some cases, however, they can appear over a longer period of time ranging from 2 to 15 days. The data are therefore roughly the same as for the original strain.

It is therefore very important to keep in mind possible situations in which you are placed at risk and try to pay attention to every symptom. In case of doubt, the best choice is always to carry out control swabs . In this way, in fact, one can try to catch any disease from the beginning, while avoiding infecting others.

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