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Covid and Mu variant: what it is and what are the differences from the previous one

covid variant mu

Covid and Mu variant. What it is and what are the news compared to the variants we already know.

When it comes to Covid, it is now almost normal to expect variants. Among those that have already emerged and verified, one currently monitored by the WHO is the so-called Mu variant. Born in Colombia in January 2021, it is included in the list of variants of interest only in August of the same year.

To date, however, it seems to cause some more concern, especially after the recent studies carried out in Japan and which seem to classify it as highly transmissible, especially for the vaccinated and for those who have had Covid and are cured of it.

Mu variant: from the day of discovery to the data

The Mu variant was discovered in Colombia in January 2021.

covid variant mu
covid variant mu

After having spread to 39 countries, in August it was included by the WHO among the variants of interest.
In recent times, both Mu and its more advanced version have begun to cause too many concerns.

In fact, a study conducted in Japan showed that Mu is resistant to both the antibodies of those recovered from Covid and those of those who have been immunized thanks to the vaccine. This is a study currently still in progress and which aims to find out the exact risks for people vaccinated, immunized and who have never contracted the virus.

Differences between Mu and Delta variant: which are the most important to know

Compared to the Delta variant, Mu, which is also the fifth variant identified in the world, turns out to be more contagious due to the mutations already noted in other variants, but which in this one would be more aggressive.
A problem made even more evident by the possible resistance it has to both vaccines and antibodies of immunized subjects.

As already mentioned, at the moment what has emerged is still under study and verification. It seems, however, that the data found are becoming more and more a certainty (especially if you think about how Mu has spread rapidly in Colombia).

As for the symptoms , however, it seems that there are no differences between those of those who contract the Mu variant and those who have Delta.

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