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Covid immunity: what it means and how long it lasts

woman with mask

Covid and immunity. Find out what it is and how long it lasts according to various situations and according to some studies on antibodies and T cells.

Since it exploded all over the world, Covid has become the center of a lot of research and, of course, of just as many questions. Among the many, the most widespread, are undoubtedly those relating to immunity from Covid. An often controversial topic on which several studies are still underway. All aimed at giving as many answers as possible on the subject. So let’s try to summarize the most widespread rumors in order to get a more precise idea .

Covid immunity: what happens after the infection?

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that immunity means the possibility of coming into contact with the virus without being infected by it. A result which can be reached with certainty only after having developed the right immunity towards it. Which in turn can happen through a previous infection cured or through the vaccine.

woman with mask
woman with mask

However, things change from virus to virus. As for immunity from Covid after contagion, for example, according to a recent research published in Science Immunology, it seems that antibodies begin to decrease after 20 days and end up disappearing in about 8 months.
Another study still in the confirmation phase, claims instead that immunity from Covid after recovery remains higher, even after varying time.

A little different is what happens with regard to Covid immunity in the asymptomatic. If until some time ago it was thought that in this case no type of antibody would develop, in recent times it seems that a predominance of T cells has emerged, very similar to that found in the symptomatic.

Additionally, there appear to be studies on Covid blood group immunity. Immunity that seems to be naturally higher in subjects with group 0 and lower in those with group A or AB.

Covid 19 immunity: how long does it last?

From what has emerged so far, it is clear, therefore, that contracting Covid and healing it does not make it completely safe . In Covid immunity, in addition to some symptoms that persist for some time, the antibodies would in fact last only a few months.

A fact that is still under study and therefore cannot be considered safe. Especially because there have already been cases in which people who had contracted the virus and who had recovered have then become ill again.

To obtain safer parameters, it is therefore necessary to wait until the many studies currently underway arrive at a common answer.

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