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Covid vaccine: what to eat and what to avoid to stay healthy

covid vaccine

Covid vaccine: what to eat before and after the injection to stay healthy

If you also have several questions about the Covid vaccine and what to eat before and after the injection, you will be pleased to know that nutrition can actually do a lot. Eating the right foods in fact helps the body to keep fit, to avoid inflammation and states of extreme weakness. And that, when you’re under stress, have a fever, or have a vaccine can make a real difference.

What to eat before getting a Covid vaccine: the foods to be preferred

covid vaccine
covid vaccine

More and more people are getting the green light for vaccines, thus increasing protection against Covid . In order to guarantee your body the strength necessary to better withstand the vaccine, you can act with food. In fact, it is enough to start eating healthily from the moment of booking to arrive more ready than ever.

To succeed in this intent it is necessary to prefer healthy foods. First of all you need to drink mainly water in order to stay hydrated. At the same time, whole grains, lean proteins, good fats and lots of fruit and vegetables must be included. Increasing the intake of antioxidant-rich foods helps strengthen the immune system.

This diet (which you should always follow as a basis) will be continued even after the end of the vaccine. And in the case of vaccines with a second booster, it would be preferable to make it last for the whole period.

Foods to avoid both before and immediately after getting the vaccine

Obviously, just as there are foods to prefer, there are others that should be avoided. These include in particular packaged ones. The processed fats they contain can in fact inflame the intestines making the body weaker. This also applies to refined sugars .

Alcohol should also be eliminated as it can dehydrate the body making it less resistant to external agents. Finally, allergy sufferers should avoid histamine- rich foods such as strawberries, tomatoes, some fish, shellfish and aged cheeses. This precaution will help the body to stay active and ready to receive the vaccine without problems.

To conclude, the evening before the vaccine it is advisable to choose highly digestible foods in order to rest well and not to tire the body. As always, in case of particular pathologies it is advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion in order to avoid particular interactions.

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