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Cranberry: benefits and properties of the berry


Cranberry is a wild berry that has many properties, such as anticancer properties. Let’s find out the benefits of this fruit.

Cranberry, also known as American blueberry, is a plant belonging to the Ericaceae family and is native to North America. It is an evergreen shrub that produces the classic small red fruits. In an initial phase, the berries of this fruit are white and color during ripening, when they are harvested and used to produce juices and other products. So let’s try to understand what are the properties and what benefits it can offer to the body.

Cranberry: characteristics and nutritional values

As with many other fruits, even in the case of cranberry, there are several varieties, more less common on the market. In general we can say that the most used and consumed type is certainly the cranberry .

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This fruit, thanks to its low sugar content and good amounts of fiber and vitamins, can be introduced in all diets. In addition to making cranberry so useful are the quantities of anthocyanins, which give the berry its typical reddish color, and the bilberry which performs antioxidant functions.

In any case, to make the cranberry so useful for the body are also other elements, such as copper, quercetin , in addition to the aforementioned vitamin C. Specifically we can say that copper is a fundamental ingredient for synthesizing many proteins and erythrocytes, ie the red blood cells. While quercetin, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, slows inflammation, the proliferation of bacteria and protects cells.

To remember as a distinctive feature of cranberry we also find lutein, a molecule that is part of the carotenoids , useful for protecting the eyes and the retina. Finally, cranberries help speed up the synthesis of collagen and the assimilation of iron by parts of red blood cells.

Cranberry: the benefits

Thanks to the wide range of nutrients, cranberry is able to offer many benefits to the body and health. It should be known that cranberry is also used in herbal medicine , where it is a fundamental ingredient for medicines and extracts, indicated for urinary tract problems and cystitis. American cranberry supplements used to improve visual health are also popular. Many clinical studies then demonstrate the beneficial activity of this fruit in protecting the body from tumors.

This action is due to the ability to inhibit the proliferation of infected cells, decreasing inflammation and promoting cell adhesion and communication. Finally, the cardiovascular protection exercised by cranberry should be mentioned. In particular, it increases the antioxidant molecules in the blood and decreases those of LDL and VLDL, which produce arteriosclerotic plaques.

The American cranberry is one of the best solutions to relieve and treat cystitis , a pathology that becomes very frequent with age. This protective function of the urogenital channels is due to the high content of proanthocyanidins. These are particular molecules capable of inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary walls, thus also facilitating their elimination.

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Furthermore, the lack of estrogen, typical of menopause, predisposes the body to these infections , but thanks to the qualities of cranberry it is possible to avoid them. In fact, we recommend the use of cranberry juices for women and children precisely for preventive purposes.

The contraindications of cranberry

In general we can say that cranberry has no serious contraindications, but it can create interactions with other drugs. In particular, if you use anticoagulant drugs, the consumption of cranberry is not recommended. However, we must remember that if you follow the correct dosages, you can include this food in your diet without any problem. But we always recommend that you ask your doctor for advice.

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