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Cucumber diet: how to stay healthy and control your blood sugar


Cucumbers, from the cucurbitaceae family, are rich in water, fiber and vitamins, fundamental elements for the well-being of our body.

The cucumber diet is one of the healthiest and most balanced diet, thanks also to the innate properties of these vegetables . In fact, choosing to introduce cucumbers into our diet means taking advantage of a real concentrate of benefits. First, cucumbers are among the most water-rich foods . Precisely for this reason they are a more than valid alternative for those who want to purify the body.

But the qualities of cucumbers are not limited to the water content as they have a natural antioxidant, namely Vitamin C , and important elements such as calcium and iron. So let’s see all the secrets and benefits of the cucumber diet.

Cucumbers and salad bowl

Benefits and properties of cucumbers

As many will imagine, in addition to the content of nutritional elements and vitamins , it is impossible to speak of cucumbers without mentioning the high fiber content.

It is necessary to know that these vegetables contain a lot of fibers, above all in the skin, fundamental for the health and rhythms of our organism . In short, cucumbers and their diet allow you to maximize your satiety levels, with benefits for weight-fitness, and to keep the absorption of cholesterol and sugars under control.

This means that consuming cucumbers in your diet is one of the best alternatives for controlling blood sugar . But the properties of cucumbers are numerous.

As we have already mentioned, these vegetables are rich in vitamins, some of group B. These are fundamental elements for the rhythms of our body ‘s metabolism .

Among the other vitamins contained in cucumbers we can then find vitamin C, natural enemy of free radicals , and vitamins of group E and A. In addition, cucumbers are rich in folate.

Precisely for this reason they are recommended for women who are looking for a pregnancy and especially for those who are already pregnant .

Why choose the cucumber diet

Deciding to introduce cucumbers into your diet will bring you many benefits, not only for all the properties we have listed. In fact, cucumbers are perfect in salads or for fresh meals, therefore very suitable for the summer period .

In any case, despite all their strengths, cucumbers should be taken with caution, especially if you follow therapies involving anticoagulant or diuretic drugs .

This is because the elements contained in cucumbers could interfere with the treatments , dampening the effectiveness of these medicines.

Therefore, before starting the cucumber diet, or any other diet, it is always better to consult your doctor . Obviously in the absence of contraindications you can indulge yourself in the kitchen, adding cucumbers to dishes or consuming it in tasty concentrates.

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