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Cucumber water: why it is good and how to prepare it

cucumber water

Cucumber water is a low-calorie drink and rich in beneficial properties. Ideal for staying healthy by drinking something fresh and good.

Maintaining the right hydration is essential for the well-being of our body. Not everyone, however, manages to drink in the right quantities. Cucumber water is particularly useful in this sense, helping to drink thanks to its fresh and pleasant taste. Among other things, this drink proves particularly rich in properties and benefits.

How to make cucumber water

To prepare cucumber water, it only takes a few minutes . In fact, only two ingredients are needed:

– 2 liters of water (preferably one with a low fixed residue)

– 1 cucumber

cucumber water
cucumber water

After having thoroughly washed the cucumber , remove the ends and cut it into slices. Put them in a container with water and leave them to rest for a few in the refrigerator. After the time, the drink is ready to be drunk.

The ideal is to consume it within the day and prepare it fresh the next day. In this way the flavor will remain pleasant and the properties will not be lost.

To make it more refreshing and perfect for the summer season , you can drink it with the addition of a few pieces of ginger or a few mint leaves. This way you can have something tasty to drink during the day without the negative effects of sugary drinks and with all the benefits of cucumber.

Cucumber water: the benefits

Drinking cucumber water daily can be a good way to remember to drink. Its fresh and pleasant flavor makes it a valid alternative to the many sugary drinks that you tend to drink in the summer. At the same time it gives a fresher flavor than just water, making life easier for those who find it hard to drink it.

The presence of cucumber also brings several benefits for the body which are:

– Supply of vitamins and minerals
– Reduction of water retention
– Detoxifying effect for the body
– Better hydration
– Control of blood pressure
– Greater sense of satiety
– Weight loss
– Anti-aging effect
– Control of blood sugar
– Less inflammation
– More beautiful skin
– Better digestion
– Healthier gums
– Stronger muscles
– Prevention of kidney stones

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