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Culotte de cheval, goodbye! How to eliminate them with diet and exercises

Curvy woman

Culotte de cheval are accumulations of fat between the buttocks and thighs. Let’s see how to eliminate them with diet, exercises and beauty treatments.

Culotte de cheval are a very annoying and difficult to eliminate blemish. These are accumulations of adipose tissue , which are formed between the buttocks and the outer part of the thighs.

It is not only overweight women who have them, but also thin ones, because they depend on poor posture or incorrect foot support, which cause body fat to be badly distributed. For this reason, diet alone is not enough to eliminate them, specific exercises are also needed.

Culotte de cheval: exercises to eliminate them

To eliminate culotte de chaval, aerobic activities are useful for burning fat. Swimming, running and brisk walking are excellent. It is also important to correct the foot support with appropriate insoles and posture with postural gymnastics and / or yoga .

Curvy woman
Curvy woman

Obviously, special exercises are also needed for the external thigh and buttocks, to increase muscle mass at the expense of fat. The best exercises are lunges, push-ups and thrusts . Remember that to be effective, physical activity must be carried out at least three times a week, on alternate days, for 40 minutes.

How to eliminate culotte de cheval with diet

To eliminate culotte de cheval you must also follow an anti-cellulite diet . First of all, you must reduce the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates, in favor of proteins (lean red meat, white meat, blue fish, eggs, skim milk and light dairy products).

Cereals, bread and pasta must always be whole and it is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. To reduce water retention, you need to use a little salt and drink plenty of water and draining herbal teas.

Culotte de cheval: the remedies

In addition to diet and exercises, some beauty treatments can also be useful for fighting culottes, such as draining massages , creams and anti-cellulite oils.

In extreme cases, a quick solution (but drastic and not without risk) is liposuction , to be done in a specialized surgical medical center.

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