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Cupping: what it is and what it is for


Cupping is a technique that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. Let’s find out what it is for and how it works.

Cupping is a very ancient technique that had been lost over time and which has recently returned with increasing strength, intriguing more and more people and becoming particularly used by athletes and stars. Originally from traditional Chinese medicine, to date there seems to be no scientific evidence on its effectiveness. Nevertheless, many people use it to soothe various types of pain and to bring benefits to the muscle groups .

Cupping: what it is for and how it works

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Cupping, also known as “cupping therapy” is a treatment that involves the use of certain cups. applied to the skin, they create a vacuum condition that should help the muscles and tissues to relax and improve in several respects.

Used for neck pain (cervical cupping) or for other problems, it can be done using different techniques . Some of these involve the lighting of matches under the cup, useful for generating heat and to make everything more effective. Others, on the other hand, work through the practice of vacuum packing which is useful for feeding blood circulation in the treated areas. In any case, both back cupping and cupping to treat pain elsewhere on the body always leaves red marks on the skin.

Cupping: contraindications to know

Even today, cupping is not well seen by some doctors who advise against its use. On the other hand, it is used especially in physiotherapy. This is because it appears to relieve different types of pain.
Like any therapy, of course, it can still have contraindications. According to some doctors, for example, it can lead to rupture of the capillaries. In any case, it is not recommended to perform it during pregnancy and in case of chronic diseases, excessive fatigue or skin problems such as loose skin or dermatitis .

Since this is a treatment that comes from the Chinese tradition, you should avoid doing it yourself to contact experienced doctors or physiotherapists. In any case, as always, before proceeding it is advisable to ask your doctor for an opinion.


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