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Curative pedicure: how to do it at home in a few steps

Aesthetic pedicure

The healing pedicure, unlike the aesthetic one, serves to eliminate problems such as calluses, calluses and ingrown nails. Here’s how it’s done.

The aesthetic pedicure allows you to have beautiful and well-groomed feet, with impeccably enameled nails. However, when there are problems such as calluses , calluses and ingrown nails, a curative pedicure is needed.

Usually a podiatrist or a beautician expert in podiatry does this, who have had the opportunity to study what are the best techniques to solve the problems of the feet, without doing damage. Doing it yourself at home is not advisable because, as we said earlier, you need to have the right skills. However, it is possible to make a “simplified” version, suitable for walking with not too serious problems. Here’s how to do it!

How to do a simplified healing pedicure

Aesthetic pedicure
Aesthetic pedicure

First, cut your nails as a podiatrist would do: straight and precise , with a nail clipper. The nails must never be very short and the corners must not be rounded, otherwise they will tend to grow under the skin. If your nails are already ingrown , it is best not to touch them and go to the podiatrist. If, on the other hand, they tend to flake and are yellowed, you may have a mycosis, so you need a dermatological visit.

Corns and calluses are eliminated by the podiatrist using different tools (scalpel, gouges, micromotor or turbine), according to their nature. If used improperly, these tools can irritate and severely damage the skin, so you should not use them at home alone. To get rid of calluses, take a foot bath with warm water and coarse salt or baking soda and then rub the areas where the skin is thickened with a pumice stone .

Once this is done, do not forget to hydrate your feet with a special nourishing cream daily, to prevent calluses from reappearing. If you want, you can complete the pedicure by applying your favorite nail polish on the nails.

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