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Curves diet: how to gain weight in the right places

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Discover the rules to follow to be able to gain weight in the right places and get a harmonious and healthy-looking body: here is the curves diet.

In a world where we always talk about diets to lose weight , even if it doesn’t seem like it, there are those whose desire is to gain a few pounds. Obviously, however, it is impossible to choose a priori where our body will go to accumulate weight. Although there is no magic formula, more and more nutritionists agree that by eating healthily and regularly it is possible to get very close to the goal, gaining weight in a harmonious way.

Gaining weight in the right places: what to eat

If deciding where to increase in volume is impossible, there are strategies that can help you get a figure very similar to the one you want. Given that it is genetics that decide whether to increase the breasts, the buttocks or other, by eating healthy you will certainly be able to gain weight without appearing to gain weight.

woman with apple
woman with apple

The trick of the curves diet lies in choosing healthy foods at each meal, namely:

– Whole grains
– Vegetables
– Legumes
– Fresh fruit
Dried fruit
– Lean proteins
– Good fats

By gradually increasing your calorie intake, you should be able to gain weight gradually and harmoniously. To give yourself an extra hand you can train. With the right exercises, in fact, you can increase lean mass, filling some areas.

What matters is to act with respect for your body and without being in a hurry. And, if the weight to be taken is a lot or if you have any doubts about it, contact a nutritionist.
This way you will be sure to have a diet that contains all the nutrients you need.

Curve diet: the mistakes not to make

While it is true that eating healthily and playing sports are the key points for gaining weight in the right places, there are some mistakes that you absolutely must not make and which are often underestimated. So here are the most important and to always keep in mind:

– Eat junk food
– Switch from days of super eating to days of semi-fasting
– Working out too much
– Drink a little water
– Focus only on certain areas of the body
– Go overboard with proteins
– Avoid fats altogether
– Don’t play sports

By following the dietary guidelines and avoiding the mistakes that often occur, reaching the goal will be much easier.

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