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Cuticles: how to have flawless hands thanks to moisturizing oils

cuticle oil

Knowing what cuticles are and taking care of them is necessary to have flawless hands. Let’s find out all about the topic and the best moisturizing oils!

Cuticles are that annoying part of the nail that forms and grows faster than we would like. Especially for those who tend to have dry skin, they represent an obstacle to the coveted hands to show off on every occasion! Here are the tricks to hydrate and cure them using the best oils on the market.

Dry or damaged cuticles: here’s the remedy!

The cuticles , called in jargon “pellicine”, are that part of the nail that forms at its root. These are thickenings of the skin that develop as a sort of protection of the part. But their noble function creates many obstacles for those who care about their hands . Fortunately, the remedy is always there and this time also of simple and practical use.

cuticle oil
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To solve the problem, simply use a special moisturizing oil constantly. What is that? It is a product for cuticles that apparently may seem a simple transparent nail polish but it is not. Just smell it to understand the naturalness of its ingredients. In fact, it is made up of somewhat moisturizing and nourishing compounds, useful for making the cuticles soft and invisible to the naked eye!

Cuticles? Moisturizing oil and voila!

There are an infinite number of cuticle oils on the market. To be able to choose at best, you only need to know the active ingredients of their basic ingredients. First of all is jojoba oil. It has soothing and strengthening properties thanks to the presence of vitamin E and group B. A valid remedy to help make the skin soft and silky !

Almond oil also has similar benefits thanks to the presence of the same types of vitamins. In addition, it contains mineral salts such as zinc, iron and calcium which help strengthen nails and cuticles. Among the best products on the market there are those of the Nail Care ProNails line or of the SolarOil produced by CND. The latter is a super moisturizing blend of the two oils, jojoba and almonds, which penetrates even more deeply.

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But should the cuticles be cut? Absolutely not! Once the oil is applied and the part softened, just use a special stick and push them back. If they were cut, there would be a risk of inflammation or redness of the root with a disastrous result. To do it yourself effectively you need to discover the tricks for a good homemade manicure.

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