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Cuticles: what they are and how to take care of your hands!


Nail cuticles, if not treated properly, are ugly and annoying. Here’s how to treat and cure them.

They have a protective function but must be treated with attention and patience. They are the cuticles of the nails, commonly called pellicine , thin thickening of the skin, which appear on the root zone of the nails. If not treated properly, shortening them in the right way, they can cause great discomfort, injuries and, moreover, they are anti-aesthetic. Let’s see together how to treat and care for cuticles so that your hands are always in perfect shape.

The cuticles: what they are

Cuticles are thickenings that grow at the base of the nail surface . They are intended to protect the growth area of ​​the nail. It all seems pretty normal so far, but cuticles need to be kept at bay in the right way.

In fact, these thin layers of skin, which are usually adherent to the nail, can become thicker and even stand up, creating pain and ruining the manicure. In addition, they could create infections. For this reason it is necessary to take care of your hands and understand how to remove the cuticles.


The cuticles: how to get rid of them?

Before proceeding with the elimination, it is necessary to perform some very simple operations. First, remove all traces of nail polish and wash your hands. Then put them to soak for at least 5 minutes in a container containing warm water, a tablespoon of olive or almond oil and lemon juice. This way your nails and cuticles will soften and whiten.

After this phase, dry your hands and apply specific cuticle oil. With an orange wood stick, which easily retrieves in perfumery, push cuticles towards the hand, gently shaping them and pushing them back to eliminate them.

Then there is another method, mechanical, to eliminate them when they are really too evident: all you have to do is use simple cuticle nippers, or rather for manicures. Using them is very simple, always pay due attention.

Cuticles: cut them or not?

But do the cuticles need to be cut ? If they are short you don’t have to cut them, you risk getting hurt and they will grow back harder and stronger than before. Just push them with the stick to make them invisible. They should only be cut if they are thick and large.

As we have already explained to you, do not improvise, equip yourself with a good cuticle cutter, so as to avoid getting hurt and committing disasters .

Cuticle oil
Cuticle oil

After the various operations listed, remember to rinse your hands. Then take care of your hands and cuticles which, as we know, will grow again, with the right products, starting with the aforementioned cuticle oil.

This product is used to moisturize, soften and improve the appearance of the cuticles. Also, for a perfect manicure, take care of your nails by eating the right foods .

Cuticle oil: how often to use it

You will find many cuticle oils on the market, in the best perfumeries and even in pharmacies. Our advice is to use it every time you do a DIY manicure . It will take a few minutes to apply, but your hands and nails will thank you. The cuticles in the hands, in fact, if they grow very quickly (and this varies from person to person) they can easily turn into annoying cuts or even become inflamed. With the oil you will keep them soft and hydrated and it will be more difficult to have these problems.

On the market then, there are lotions that are often mistaken for oil, in reality they are liquids designed to dissolve the cuticles which, however, being very aggressive chemical compounds, it is good not to take lightly. These products contain potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, they can cause damage to the nails and for this reason we advise you to rely on an expert before using it at home .

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