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Cycle headache: how to deal with it?


Period headache is a problem every woman is familiar with. Let’s find out how to recognize it immediately and how to deal with it in a positive and decisive way.

Having a headache on period days is a fairly common problem that many women don’t really know how to deal with. Fortunately, however, there are several strategies that can be implemented. In fact, it is enough to learn to recognize it and put into practice some strategies to be able to live the five days of the cycle in a positive way.

Why do you get headaches during your period

When it comes to cycle headaches or hormonal headaches, it is good to first understand the dynamics. This will make it easier for you to understand your period headache and how to recognize it.

woman with migraine
woman with migraine

Generally, it is in fact a problem that occurs a couple of days before menstruation, lasting for about three days and manifesting itself in a more or less strong form depending on many factors. This headache, also called camenial, is due to the decrease in estrogen which creates a series of hormonal imbalances within the body that lead to migraines.

A problem that in some cases can become disabling forcing those who suffer from it to use drugs. Which, if continued from month to month, it is obviously not advisable.

How to beat cycle headaches with natural remedies

Suffering from migraines is quite unpleasant, especially when it is combined with common period pains. To remedy the problem, some natural remedies can be used.

Magnesium . It is an excellent anti-inflammatory that if taken regularly helps to feel less periodic symptoms, also relieving all the others.

Vitamin B6 . This vitamin is one of the supplements that can prevent both period pains and the classic premenstrual syndrome. A solution that also makes the intake of magnesium more efficient.

The coffee. Finally, an alternative that is more of a grandmother’s remedies is to drink hot coffee. Being a vasoconstrictor, in fact, coffee can give a little relief.

Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps. And that includes eating healthily and balanced, avoiding foods that cause headaches, playing sports, not drinking too much and allowing yourself the right hours of rest. In case of frequent and persistent headaches it is always good to ask your doctor for advice.

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