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Cypress essential oil, an excellent ally of circulation


Little known but highly prized, cypress essential oil is an excellent ally of blood circulation. Let’s find out.

Cypress essential oil, although little known, is a highly prized and appreciated essence. It is obtained from the Mediterranean Cypress, an evergreen tree that can reach twenty-five meters in height. The cypress, extremely widespread in the Mediterranean area , is most likely originally from Iran and would have been brought to Italy by the Phoenicians and Etruscans for decorative purposes, due to its characteristic shape.

Also used in herbal medicine, the cypress has several beneficial properties , some of which are also present in the essential oil obtained from it.

The properties of cypress essential oil

Cypress essential oil has several properties. Among these we certainly remember the antidepressant one. In fact, acting on the nervous system, it helps to regain good mood, especially if the bad mood was caused by an external event.

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In addition, it is excellent against colds , as it helps fight cough and blocked phlegm.

However, its main feature is another: cypress essential oil is a great ally of the circulatory system (in this regard, cinnamon is miraculous). First of all, it promotes blood clotting when necessary, as in the case of wounds and cuts or an excessive influx in some areas of the body. In addition, it is an excellent vasoconstrictor , which makes it excellent against hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Finally, it helps the most fragile capillaries, preventing their breakage.

How to use it and avoid side effects

The use we will make of the cypress essential oil will depend on the effect we want to achieve. Against moodiness and colds , it can be useful to take it by air . To do this, just a diffuser of aromas and essential oils to which drops of essence will be added which, once impregnated in the air, will begin to act.

Always against cooling diseases , but also to help the circulatory system , it is possible to take it orally . A couple of drops, diluted in a teaspoon of sugar or olive oil, will be more than good.

The last method, useful for circulation , is to add a few drops of cypress essential oil to the water when taking a bath .

Speaking of side effects, none have been reported resulting from the correct use of the essence. However, it is good to always take it on a full stomach and not to administer it to pregnant women or in case of hyperestrogenism.

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