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Cystitis: the most important symptoms to recognize

Woman with cystitis

What are the symptoms of cystitis? If recognized early, they can lead to faster healing. Let’s see them together, as well as the most common causes.

Knowing cystitis and related symptoms is certainly a good way to catch this problem in time which, if not treated properly, can become difficult to manage for those suffering from it. For this reason, even before understanding how to cure it, we should learn to pay attention to the many alarm bells that concern it. Let’s find out the most important.

What is the cisyst and what are the symptoms to recognize

Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder that may or may not be caused by bacteria.

Woman with cystitis
Woman with cystitis

For many women it represents a serious problem because in some cases it can be relapsing, creating undoubted inconvenience. For this reason, learning to recognize the symptoms can be of great help. Among the most important and to remember are:

– Urgency in urinating
Pain while urinating
– Feeling of constant weight in the bladder
– Need to urinate often at night
– Cloudy or foul-smelling urine

Then there are also other symptoms which, although less frequent, should be known and ranging from chills, the feeling of having the hot urine to the presence of blood in urine.

In the presence of these symptoms it is important to do a urine culture to be checked by your doctor who will evaluate the possible treatment. Although for simple and non-bacterial cystitis it is often enough to drink a lot and help yourself with natural remedies , in order not to compromise your health it is always better to ask for an opinion and learn about any behaviors to be implemented to prevent it.

Cystitis: the most common causes

But how does cystitis come from? There are many reasons for this and there is often a certain familiarity with the problem. In fact, cystitis in women can occur for various reasons ranging from incorrect hygiene rules, to anatomical conformation up to intestinal problems. For this reason, especially when it tends to occur several times over time, it can be useful to try to understand the causes.

In this regard, it is also important to remember that the cure for cystitis is never univocal. First of all, in fact, it is important to trace the causes. Often small tricks, combined with proper nutrition, can make a difference. When bacteria are involved, it is necessary to resort to antibiotics or other drugs which vary from case to case and therefore require medical attention.

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