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Cystitis: what to eat and which foods are best avoided

woman diet

Cystitis: what to eat and what to avoid to heal faster and to prevent an increasingly frequent disorder especially for the female gender.

When you suffer from cystitis, what to eat is very important in order to relieve some symptoms and heal faster. In fact, through proper nutrition, the area can be disinfected more quickly and obtain significant benefits . So let’s find out how to behave at the table in case of cystitis.

Cystitis and nutrition: the advice to follow

When you suffer from cystitis, regardless of the treatment given by the doctor, it is important to learn to control yourself also with regard to nutrition.

woman diet
woman diet

The first thing to ask, therefore, is what to eat with cystitis. In fact, there are foods that are particularly suitable for helping the body fight the infection.

The first thing to know is that it is very important to hydrate. Water, therefore, must never be lacking. Going to food, among the recommended foods there are:

– Fruits (especially cranberries)
– Vegetables
– Whole grains
– Eggs
– Fish rich in Omega 3
Lean meats
– Legumes
– Dried fruit
– Extra virgin olive oil
Garlic and onion

A cystitis diet based on these foods, along with treatment and the possible use of natural remedies , will help make the situation more manageable.

Cystitis: the foods to be avoided absolutely

Now that we understand what nutrition should be like, it is important to understand what not to eat with cystitis. In fact, there are foods that have highly inflammatory properties and therefore, once taken, can worsen the situation, increasing the sense of discomfort and pain and making healing less rapid.

Among the foods that should not be consumed there are obviously sugars. And in this regard it is good to keep in mind that any food that contains them should be banned. So no to sweets, biscuits, fruit juices, fruit yogurt and everything that contains sugar among the ingredients.

Also avoid caffeine and all potentially irritating foods such as spicy foods, spices such as curry or chilli, alcohol and condiments rich in fat. In addition, tomatoes and citrus fruits should also be avoided, both of which are highly irritating. Following these precautions, in addition to what your doctor explains, will help you recover from cystitis in a short time.

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