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Daikon in salad with carrots: the light side dish suitable for all tastes

Daikon and carrots

Daikon in salad with carrots is a very fresh and immediate natural cooking dish to make.

A fresh, appetizing and expertly seasoned side dish to bring to the table the Chinese radish, rich in mineral salts and very fresh: daikon in salad with carrots. I don’t know if you have ever tried this quick and easy dish, perhaps to accompany to degrease a second course of pork (such as ribs), or a juicy fried chicken . We assure you that it will take no more than 7 minutes to make it and even less to finish the bowl!

Let’s go to the kitchen and get the vegetables out!

Daikon and carrots
Daikon and carrots

Preparation daikon in salad with carrots

  1. Clean the daikon and carrots with a vegetable brush, remove the ends and cut the vegetables very finely with a sharp knife or with a mandolin that makes the noodles-like cut.
  2. Clean the spring onion and cut into fine slices, using the green part as well .
  3. Put the chopped carrots and daikon in a bowl with ice water or water and ice to give the vegetables extra crunchiness.
  4. In a serving bowl, prepare a dressing with apple cider vinegar, salt, extra virgin olive oil and cayenne pepper, stir well.
  5. Strain the vegetables and dip them in this dressing, adding the finely chopped spring onion and sesame seeds.
  6. You can bring your plate with the salad bowl to the table, or you can decide to divide the salad into 4 plates. Do not forget to bring the Cayenne pepper to the table, to enable guests to decide how and whether to distribute more wonderful pepper in their portion of salad already seasoned with apple cider vinegar , possibly organic and unpasteurized.

If you like daikon you can also make a daikon and beetroot salad !


This quick and easy side dish should be consumed on the spot , being seasoned. We do not recommend storage and even freezing in the freezer.

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