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Damiana, the Mexican plant that promotes digestion

Damiana flower

Also known as “widespread turnera”, damiana seems to be a panacea for digestion and appetite control. Let’s see what its properties are.

Damiana is a plant, or rather a shrub, originally from Mexico, famous for its many beneficial properties. The most important are certainly related to digestion and the control of the hunger impulse , as well as being one of the best natural aphrodisiacs.

Experts have conducted studies to test its hunger suppression capabilities. Specifically, the University of Liverpool analyzed a sample of 58 individuals. Consuming a patented formula based on yerba mate, guarana and precisely damiana, it was possible to detect a short-term reduction of hunger.

However, further studies are needed to confirm the therapeutic efficacy of damiana. In any case, however, this is only a confirmation of the many beneficial effects of this plant. Let’s find out who the others are.

Damiana benefits: the effects

Although there is no incontrovertible evidence on the effectiveness of damiana in weight management, it is still true that this plant has several benefits and properties . In fact, the Mexican shrub has always been used in alternative medicine, especially to treat problems related to asthma and headache.

Damiana plant
Damiana plant

In particular we can say that damiana has high quantities of flavonoids . To be sure of its effectiveness, research has been carried out on the relationship between flavonoids and renal mitochondria. The damiana extract used has allowed to underline how it is possible to exert a preventive effect for the oxidative stress to which the kidneys can be subjected.

In addition, damiana has a particular effect against inflammation and, thanks to its ability to control blood sugar, it is widely used in the homeopathic field .

Contraindications and methods of use of Damiana

Normally damiana has no specific contraindications and only at too high dosages can it give pain sensations in the prostate area. In general, however, if consumed in the doses indicated, it does not give any side effects.

However, on some occasions problems such as insomnia, headache or pain in the liver can occur and it is severely contraindicated in diabetic patients , because it could interact with drugs for blood sugar.

With respect to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we remind you that it is recommended to ask a doctor for advice.

As for the intake we can say that it is available in the form of tablets or capsules and should be used preferably in two stages , in the morning and in the afternoon. In any case, it is better to consume it between meals and with treatment cycles that do not exceed two weeks.

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