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Dandelion herbal tea: discover its purifying and diuretic properties

Dandelion herbal tea

Dandelion herbal tea to lose weight and eliminate excess liquids and waste: goodbye to extra pounds and cellulite!

To eliminate excess pounds and counteract water retention, it is not always sufficient to follow a healthy diet and exercise. To get the best results it is important to drink lots of fluids and stimulate diuresis . Thanks to the dandelion herbal tea you can immediately improve the digestion processes and feel lighter. By drinking a dandelion herbal tea two or three times a day you can say goodbye to cellulite and a swollen belly after a week. As a result, your skin and legs will be more toned and more beautiful.

To obtain amazing results you can combine the marvelous diuretic , detoxifying and draining properties of dandelion with other detox ingredients such as ginger, birch and lemon.

Dandelion herbal tea to lose weight and eliminate cellulite

To obtain maximum results during a weight loss diet it is important to drink a lot of water. To enhance the result and say goodbye to cellulite you can try the fantastic properties of ginger and dandelion in a single mix .

You can prepare a decoction of ginger using a piece of root. When the water has boiled you can add the dandelion or birch leaves. After only ten minutes it will be ready to be drunk before or after meals . As an alternative to ginger you can also add birch, artichoke or lemon to the dandelion. All of these ingredients will help you get amazing results in no time.

Dandelion and turmeric herbal tea for digestion

The diuretic action of the dandelion can be increased if it is combined with turmeric. These two ingredients together have a great purifying and digestive action . To prepare it, put a teaspoon of turmeric and one of dandelions in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and at the end add two mint leaves. Let it sit for about ten minutes, strain and drink hot or warm twice a day.

In this way you will not have digestion problems and will favor the elimination of liquids .

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