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Dark chocolate: a super food rich in beneficial properties

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a super food rich in properties. Find out why it’s good for you and how much to eat it.

Chocolate lovers now know well how this food, if eaten of the right quality and in the recommended quantities, is a super food.
In fact, dark chocolate, as long as it is 75% and does not contain more than 30% of sugars per 100 grams, is a food capable of offering various benefits to those who eat it. Source of good fats is also useful for those who want to lose weight .

Dark chocolate: properties and benefits

Dark chocolate is a source of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and good fats. Friend of shape and health (it has about 535 calories per 100 grams), it should be eaten for more than one reason. Let’s find out the most important:

woman with dark chocolate
woman with dark chocolate

– It is good for the brain and increases the ability to concentrate
– It is a natural anti-inflammatory
– Helps keep blood pressure low
– Give a good mood
– Fights free radicals
– It is rich in antioxidants
– It’s good for the gut
– Helps to keep the figure thanks to the satiating and satisfying effect
– That’s a good dose of iron
– It’s good for the heart
– Helps heal from cough
– Helps keep cholesterol levels right, promoting the good one

Obviously, like any food, chocolate also has its side effects . Rich in nickel, it is not recommended for those on a diet to detoxify from this metal. It can also create discomfort for those suffering from gastritis, ulcer, etc … If you suffer from particular pathologies, therefore, it is better to ask your doctor for an opinion.

Dark chocolate: how much to eat?

As already seen, dark chocolate boasts numerous properties . Nevertheless, it is high in calories and fat. For this reason, to do well and not become a problem for the figure, it must be eaten within certain limits.

The recommended daily amount (unless otherwise indicated by the doctor) is 15/30 grams . This quantity is valid only for 75% dark chocolate.
In fact, other qualities are not included among super foods .

As for how to eat it, it is ideal for breakfast, with a slice of wholemeal bread and Greek yogurt, on its own as a snack or at the end of a meal.
Consuming it regularly is certainly a great way to feel satisfied with something good, knowing that it is also good for your health.

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