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Delicious lunch? There is our tuna burger

Tuna burger

The tuna burger recipe (fresh or canned) is easy and ready in no time. All that remains is to put ourselves in the stove and prepare the second fish step by step.

Tuna burgers are one of those quick and easy recipes for light and tasty dinners. The fresh tuna burger, in fact, is an original idea and different from the usual meat dishes . A quick and easy recipe to enjoy good fish. In addition to being good and fast, they are the best way to make even the little ones enjoy healthy and fresh fish, which they usually don’t like very much. The tuna burger, on the other hand, looks different and will also convince children to eat it, perhaps together with a good homemade sandwich .

The tuna burger recipe is one of those quick fish main courses to prepare in a few minutes: just mix fresh tuna with a few genuine ingredients, as we will see shortly. They are excellent to eat either alone or together with a side dish of fresh vegetables . In any case, they are a must try. It will become one of your favorite recipes.

Tuna burger
Tuna burger

Preparation of the tuna burgers

  1. Start by preparing the tuna fillet, already cleaned, making a tartare . Use a good knife and cutting board. It should not be chopped too finely but must be consistent.
  2. Now move on to the preparation of the cherry tomatoes. After washing and drying them, remove the inner part with the seeds and the outer skin. Always with a knife, cut them finely and set aside.
  3. Chop the parsley, to your liking. Add it to the previously cut tomatoes.
  4. Now make the burger dough by mixing all the ingredients. Start with the tuna tartare and add the tomato and parsley mixture, a whole egg, extra virgin olive oil and breadcrumbs. Of course, add salt and pepper and mix everything, even with the help of your hands.
  5. Take a small portion of the dough and shape the hamburger. If you don’t have a specific tool, just flatten them slightly with your hands. Continue until the 4 portions are formed .
  6. Cook the tuna burgers in a pan. Heat a drizzle of oil on the non-stick pan and, as soon as it is hot, place the burgers on it. Just cook them 2-3 minutes per side.

If you don’t have fresh tuna available, you can vary the recipe by replacing it with 160 g of canned tuna in olive oil . If you want to give your burgers more flavor, you can add 1 clove of garlic or 4 or 5 desalted capers to the mixture (both ingredients minced, of course). Or… there are always ourtuna meatballs to try!


Tuna burgers can be stored raw or cooked in the fridge for a couple of days . Freezing them is not recommended as they are ready in 5 minutes .

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