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Depression: soon doctors will just need a blood test to diagnose it!

Depression: soon doctors will just need a blood test to diagnose it!

A recent study found out that in five years doctors will be able to diagnose depression through a blood test!

In just 5 years, doctors could diagnose depression by running a simple blood test. The results will be very precise. In addition, the test will be able to customize the possible cures. Moreover, it will be possible to save and prevent people from contracting this disease.

Experts Dario Aspesi and Graziano Pinna from University of Illinois, in Chicago, conducted thoroughly researches about it. The results were published in the Expert Reviews of Proteomics. Let’s find out together what it is about.

Depression: soon doctors could diagnose it with just a blood test!

The doctor who worked on the research presented the study in Dallas, during the 13th conference of Italian researchers in the world. He said: “The test will assess the presence or absence of markers linked to the disease. It could enter clinical practices within 5 years. This is about measuring the blood levels of molecules such as neurosteroids. They are produced in our brain but are also present in the blood and altered by stress “.

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In addition, the test is able to indicate individual’s mood changes. It can diagnose psychiatric illnesses such as depression or stress disorder. These diseases are spreading more and more, even in very young people.

20 molecules blood contains can provide data related to the disease. With this new system, it will be easier to understand which therapy choose for each individual. We can only wait for the final confirmation and implementation of the project.

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