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Dermatitis on the face: what it is and how it is treated

skin imperfections

Facial dermatitis is a skin disorder that affects the face. Find out how to recognize it and what are the treatments.

Facial dermatitis is one of the skin diseases . This is a series of different problems that can present themselves in the form of rashes on the face and which are all called dermatitis . For each problem there are obviously different causes while the symptoms are easier to recognize, being basically the same. So let’s find out how to recognize facial dermatitis and what are the possible treatments .

Facial dermatitis: symptoms and causes

skin imperfections
skin imperfections

As already mentioned, there are different forms of dermatitis that can affect the face. Among the best known are seborrheic dermatitis which can affect both the scalp and the face, perioral dermatitis which usually affects the area around the mouth and contact dermatitis which can occur both on the face and in other parts of the body.

Symptoms of erythema on the face are usually redness of the skin, itching or a burning sensation and irritation. As for the causes, they can be different and the most common are:

– Stress
– Hormonal alterations
– Environmental factors
– Presence of fungi
– Use of particular drugs
– Diet based on foods that cause inflammation

Face dermatitis: the remedies

As for the remedies, these tend to vary based on the type of dermatitis you suffer from. First, therefore, it is necessary to trace the exact cause. Once this is done, it is always useful to take care of the diet in order to avoid allergenic substances or substances capable of inflaming the body. Your doctor will arrange additional treatment for the problem.

The treatment, in general, can range from cortisone creams to specific ointments. In the case of dermatitis caused by fungi, for example, a special antibiotic can be administered, while if the dermatitis depends on a drug treatment, it can be thought of changing it in order to solve or reduce the extent of the problem. In any case, it is always essential to ask for an opinion from your doctor and dermatologist. And all in order to return to living a more peaceful life and without the many inconveniences that an untreated dermatitis can cause.

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