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Detox water: a remedy for cellulite and for weight loss

Detox water

Detox water is a draining and anti-cellulite drink, excellent for losing weight and deflating the belly. Let’s see how to prepare it at home with few ingredients.

We often hear about detox water . What is it about? It is very simple, it is a water flavored with various ingredients, usually fruit and vegetables, with diuretic and detoxifying properties.

This detox drink, which as we will see can be prepared in many different ways, is excellent for fighting cellulite and detoxifying the body, not only thanks to the properties of the ingredients chosen to prepare it, but also because it helps us drink more. In short, these are not simple drinks that deflate the belly, but elixirs that are beneficial for our whole body!

In fact, doctors recommend drinking two liters of water a day, but many people can’t. With detox waters, thanks to their excellent flavor, it becomes easier! The procedure for preparing them is very easy and the possible recipes almost infinite . Let’s see some of them.

Anti-cellulite draining detox water: how to do it

Detox water
Detox water

To prepare the detox water you need:

• A glass jar with a lid (preferably with a straw hole).

• Cold natural mineral water.

• Fruit and / or vegetables to taste (possibly organic and untreated).

Thoroughly wash the fruit and vegetables you have chosen, cutting it into pieces if necessary. Put it into the jar and pour the cold water, slightly crushing the pieces to squeeze out the juices. Put the jar in the refrigerator and leave to infuse for 4-5 hours. At the end, you can filter the water or drink it as it is, also eating what is left of the fruit and vegetables.

The benefits of detox water: the best recipes

To prepare these flavored waters you can use all the fruit, vegetables and aromas you want. For example, the classic lemon and water is very good. Trying out different mixes can also be fun! If you don’t want to risk, however, you can try the following recipes , all really excellent and with numerous benefits:

• Strawberries and lemon (purifying, digestive and refreshing).

• Strawberries and blueberries (antioxidant, prevents urinary tract infections).

• Lemon, cucumbers and mint (purifying and refreshing).

• Apples, oranges and carrots (antioxidant).

• Apples, carrots and ginger (digestive).

• Apples, tomatoes and cucumbers (detoxifying).

Lemon detox water
Lemon detox water

When to drink detox water

As we have said, there are many advantages of this drink, which can be drunk all year round but which is particularly suitable when we have to purify our body, for example after the big party binges. But when is it better to drink this water during the day?

You can sip it whenever you want, both as a refreshing drink and during the morning or in the afternoon, but for an action that brings the maximum benefits to your body the advice is to consume the water in the morning and on an empty stomach , perhaps before practicing a light physical activity , such as walking or yoga exercises.

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