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Detox water is a draining and anti-cellulite drink great for weight loss and for reducing belly swelling. Let’s see how to make it at home with few ingredients.

Lately, we have often heard about detox water. What is it? It is simple water flavored with various ingredients, usually fruits and vegetables, with diuretic and detoxifying properties.

This detox drink can be prepared in many different ways. Moreover, it is excellent to fight cellulite and detoxify your body. This is possible thanks to the properties of the ingredients chosen to make it, but also because it helps us drinking more. In short, it is not a simple drinks to deflate your belly, but a beneficial elixir for our whole body!

Doctors recommended to drink two litres of water a day, but many people do not do it. With this detox water, thanks to its excellent flavor, this task becomes simpler! It is very easy to prepare it, and there are so many recipes! Let’s have a look at some of them.

Draining and anti-cellulite detox water: how to prepare it

Detox water: the best draining and anti-cellulite recipes
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In order to make the detox water you need:

• A glass jar with a lid (preferably with a hole for a straw).

• Cold mineral water.

• Fruit and/or vegetables of your choice (preferably organic and not processed).

Carefully wash your chosen fruits and vegetables and cut them into pieces if necessary. Put them in the jar and pour the cold water, pressing down lightly on the fruits and vegetables to spill out their juices. Store the jar in the fridge and leave to infuse for 4-5 hours. Filter the water before drinking it, if you like. You can also eat what remains of the fruits and vegetables.

Detox water benefits: the best recipes

In order to prepare these flavored waters, you can use all the fruits, vegetables and flavors that you want. For example, the classic lemon water is very good. However, trying a different mix can also be fun! If you do not want to risk, you can try the following recipes. They are all very tasty and with many benefits:

• Strawberries and lemon (purifying, digestive and refreshing).

• Blueberries and strawberries (antioxidant, prevents infections of the urinary tract).

• Lemon, cucumber and mint (cleansing and refreshing).

• Apples, oranges and carrots (anti-oxidant).

• Carrots, apples and ginger (digestive).

• Apples, tomatoes and cucumbers (detoxifying).

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When to drink detox water

As we said, this drink has many advantages. You can drink it all year round, especially when you need to purify your body, for example after the holidays binges. But when is the best time to drink this water during the day?

You can sip it when you want to, both as a refreshing drink during the morning or afternoon. However, for maximum benefits, the advice is to drink your detox water in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is ideal to drink it before you exercise slightly, for example before walking or yoga.

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