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Did you know that each vertebra corresponds to an internal organ?

Did you know that each vertebra corresponds to an internal organ?

Our backbone is connected to all the organs. Every problem it has affects the general health of the body.

The spine has links with all the other parts of our body, so much that every pain may originate from the spinal column. Often, you act on the area in which you experience the symptoms without, however, find a solution. That is why understanding which vertebrae have links with our internal organs can help us to solve different health problems. Moreover, the backbone would also be closely linked to our emotions.

The back and internal organs

Back pains can be a warning bell for issues that actually affect one or more internal organs. The spine runs through every other part of our body. Each vertebra is placed on muscles which  branch off throughout the body. In this vision, it becomes very easy to understand how every small problem in the spine is felt in other areas of the body.

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Here are the vertebrae and the corresponding organs. Starting from the nape and moving towards the coccyx, they are:

-head, ears, eyes, tongue, teeth, nose, and mouth;
-throat, neck and shoulders;
-thyroid gland;
-heart, lungs and breast;
-gall bladder, liver, stomach, pancreas, spleen;
-adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder;
-small intestine, colon, large intestine;
-genital organs;

Spine and emotions

Our emotions have a close link with our backbone. According to holistic medicine, each vertebra reminds to health problems and negative feelings. Here is the way in which the spinal column reminds to our emotional problems.

Cervical vertebrae pains, which are those related to the upper body area, indicate sadness, negativity and fear. Going down, there are stress, obsessive thoughts, insecurity, and dissatisfaction. The vertebrae related to the liver are a symbol of anger and frustration.

Problems at the lumbar vertebrae may indicate grief, family, loneliness and shyness. Finally, the sacral vertebrae remind to reproductive disorders and disorders of sexuality.

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