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Did you know that lavender oil is a panacea (also) for your hair?


Let’s find out all the reasons why you should use lavender oil for your hair! This natural product makes the hair strong and healthy …

As great lovers of the hair routine, we cannot help but discover new products and new methods every day to take care of our thick hair. The hair, in fact, requires special attention in order to have a strong and shiny appearance. In recent times, there is more and more talk about the use of lavender oil for hair: a real panacea! In addition to being a natural oil rich in properties and benefits for the skin , it is also an excellent ally for the hair: it makes them strong, hydrates them and keeps them healthy. Let’s find out more!

Lavender oil: the benefits (from greasy hair to lice)

Lavender oil is readily available in herbal shops (and online) and can be used safely on hair. That’s why it could become essential …

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-First of all, lavender oil acts as a moisturizer and gives vitality and shine to dull and dry hair. But not only does it keep them healthy, it also helps prevent possible hair loss due to various factors such as iron deficiency or change of season.

-One of the main reasons why it is recommended is dandruff. Lavender oil is great for fighting dandruff and can only be used when added to a super gentle natural shampoo.

-This oil is also used for the prevention of lice: if we add 3 drops to the shampoo we can create an unfavorable setting reducing the risk of an infestation.

On the market, of course, we can find several products containing lavender as the main ingredient. The most used would seem to be hair masks and conditioner, perfect for detangling and nourishing the lengths!

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