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Diet against fatigue: here’s a list of energizing foods

Diet against fatigue: here’s a list of energizing foods

Sometimes it is really necessary to boost our energies: let’s find out the best food to fight tiredness.

Everyone of us has experienced at least once a period of weakness, when we seem to lack energies and we feel very tired. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem, due to many causes.

Seasonal changes, working too hard or stress can tire us. One of the best method to solve this problem is modify our diet. Eating energizing foods can help us boosting out energies and start over!

Energizing diet: what to eat

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If you need to boost your energies, the first thing to do is to change your diet. Probably your body needs more attention, and by carefully choosing your foods you can fight tiredness, unless you suffer from some diseases. In this case, it is better to see a doctor.

Eating healthy means too take the exact amount of fundamental nutrients our organism needs: vitamins, proteins and mineral salts. So you can eat all those foods rich in nutrients, very hepful against physical and mental fatigue.

Among energizing foods there is chocolate, especially the dark one. It contains theobromine, which stimulates the nervous system, and flavonoids, antioxidant substances which renew our cells. Moreover, it can increase setoronin levels, the hormone that influences our good mood and fights anxiety and depression.

Foods against tiredness

Fruit and vegetables are fundamental for the right intake of mineral salts. For example, spinach is rich in potassium, magnesium and iron, while dried fruit contain essential oils which can alleviate stress and tiredness symptoms.

Furthermore, dried fruit and seeds are a good, long-term source of energy. Moreover, a blood sugar level decrease can cause fatigue: in order to solve it, you can eat something sweet and sugary. However, this type of energy dissolves quickly.

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Anti-fatigue recipes

If you want to solve this problem, you can start follow a diet poor in fats. It promotes digestion, while allowing you to feel lighter and keep more energies.

A very good energizing recipe is seaweed spaghetti. Pasta gives us the right intake of carbohydrates, while spirulina seafood allows us to take a large quantitu of nutrients. For this reason, it is considered a superfood.

You just need to use it as a seasoning, together with some seasonal vegetables and spices, in order to obtain a tasty and energizing main course.

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