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Diet and cellulite: what are the best foods to fight it?

Diet and cellulite: what are the best foods against it?

What are the best foods to fight against cellulite and water retention? Let’s see more about the diet to eliminate cellulite.

Today we are talking about anti-cellulite foods and the correct diet to prevent, alleviate and solve all the problems related to water retention. Cellulite is the number one enemy of many women and often it is difficult to defeat. If you have already tried a thousand slimming creams and products and you did not achieve the desired results, then you need to know that the secret to defeat cellulite is in your diet. When you eat too much fat-based caloric foods, they settle under your skin, creating the annoying orange peel effect.

Here are the best foods to eliminate cellulite.

Foods against cellulite: some tips

First of all, to counter the orange peel effect on your skin you should avoid saturated fats, fried foods, sugars, excessive consumption of carbohydrates and butter. You should also limited your use of salt, one of the main substances that cause water retention. Try and replace it with spices. To fight cellulite, it is also better to avoid sausages, soft drinks and coffee, which hinders the absorption of iron, especially if taken right after your meals.


What to eat instead? Vegetables are definitely a great ally against cellulite if you eat them raw, steam-cooked or grilled. They are very important, because they are rich in water and mineral salts, thus helping to drain and defeat cellulite. Vegetables also contain potassium, which plays a very important role in fighting cellulite, as it stimulates the lymphatic drainage. You can also find this substance in dried fruit and green leaf vegetables.

Your diet should also provide for seafood, fruits, cereals and legumes, as well as extra virgin olive oil (to replace butter), and of draining herbal teas.

With regard to cooking methods, it is better to grill, bak and steam. In this way, foods will retain their nutrients and their original flavor.

If you want pasta or you do not want to give up on bread, choose whole-wheat or durum wheat flours. The whole grain one is perfect because it absorbs toxins and provides satiety. Obviously, do not eat too much pasta, bread or rice, because they are rich in carbohydrates and sugars.

Cellulite and natural remedies: the 5 foods you should always eat

There are 5 foods you should consider in your diet. They are delicious and they fight cellulite!

• Mixed berries: they have antioxidants powers and help blood circulation. These fruits are the ideal snack for people suffering from cellulite. Bring them with you during the day, or add them to your breakfast yogurts and cereals!

• Watermelon: it protects circulation and stimulates diuretic effects, therefore it also helps if you suffer from water retention. Try it in a salad together with red onion, celery, some olives, a bit of lemon and a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

• Whole grain cereals: they make the feeling of satiety last longer. You can eat them at breakfast or you can use them for your soups and fresh salads. A tasty idea is hulled wheat salad with smoked salmon and mushrooms.

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• Fish: not all fats are bad. In fact, the fatty acids fish contains are good, and they have anti-inflammatory powers. This food reminds us that being on a diet does not necessarily mean sacrifice. Think about salmon: it is recommended in many diets, you need to try it grilled and served with a side of vegetables.

• Broccoli: it contains many vitamins and many mineral salts. It is recommended because its alpha lipoic acid levels help maintaining your collagen elastic. Enjoy it as a side dish for your main course.

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