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Diet and weight loss: what you already know may be false

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The questions for those approaching a diet to lose those annoying extra pounds are many: here are finally the right answers

Everyone, at one time or another in our lives, found ourselves having to deal with diet and weight loss. Above all, we found ourselves asking ourselves questions to which we did not always find answers. The most popular is certainly the speed with which it is convenient to lose weight in order to avoid regaining those extra pounds lost with difficulty. In this regard: is there a diet that can prevent efforts from being thwarted?
We must not forget that there are certainly foods to avoid or other precautions to take. For example, physical activity to accompany a correct diet, which can then also help maintain that weight achieved.

Weight loss: questions and answers

Here is a summary of the questions we will answer:

1. If we lose weight slowly, is it easier not to regain it?
2. In order not to gain weight, should I avoid prepackaged snacks?
3. Will increasing muscle mass make us have a faster metabolism?
4. Will doing cardio help speed up the metabolism slowed by weight loss?
5. Is there a diet that helps not to regain the lost kg?
6. What can we do to maintain weight?

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