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Diet before Christmas: how to act to get in shape and stay in shape

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Find out how to properly diet before Christmas. The secrets to get in shape and not to gain weight during the holidays.

With the approach of the holidays, the diet before Christmas is one of the most frequent dilemmas that arise in view of dinners and lunches with relatives and friends. After all, the holiday season is famous for large meals that are high in calories, fat and, of course, sugar . For this reason, one of the strategies that we try to implement is to implement a diet before the Christmas holidays. A choice that does not always help to resolve because if done in the wrong way it leads to losing only liquids, to arriving hungry and to regaining the few kilos lost with interest. So let’s find out how to move in the most correct way possible.

Diet before the Christmas holidays: how to follow it correctly

Let’s start by saying that to really lose pounds and therefore fat, one week is not enough. What is needed is in fact a targeted diet that helps to dispose of excess fat through the reduction of calories and exercise.

girl with shopping
girl with shopping

Following a fast diet before Christmas therefore leads to losing only fluids which will then be taken up again at the first large meal. If nevertheless, the idea of ​​deflating at least a little sounds tempting, you can think about a detox diet before Christmas.

To do this, just eliminate all inflammatory foods, i.e. sugars, refined flours, red meats, fatty and preserved foods and alcohol. In this way and by starting to eat correctly, you can lose one or two kilos of retained fluids. Weight that obviously varies according to the starting condition.

The rules for losing weight and not gaining weight during the holidays

More specifically, the diet of the week before Christmas should be based on healthy, unprocessed foods. A good example would be a breakfast of unsweetened Greek yogurt with pieces of apple and a handful of dried fruit . A lunch of salad with chicken, vegetables and tomatoes and a dinner of grilled fish or lean meat to be accompanied by a plate of cooked vegetables.

At main meals, extra virgin olive oil should never be missing as a condiment while salt should be reduced, which can be replaced with spices to taste. As for snacks , on the other hand, you can opt for a low-fat sugar-free yogurt or a handful of dried fruit. With this weight loss diet before Christmas you will be able to get fitter and even a little detoxified from sugars.

As for maintaining the weight achieved and not gaining weight, the trick is to try to eat in a balanced way even during the holidays. This means emasculating isolated sugar sources but always preferring them after a protein meal. Choosing what to eat and not asking for an encore is another way to avoid letting go.
Another golden rule, often underestimated, is that of not arriving hungry. By having a healthy breakfast or a substantial lunch before the party time you will be less inclined to excess and self-control will be much easier to manage.

That said, it is also good to enjoy the holidays in harmony. In fact, if you eat well all year round, two or three more substantial meals will not make the difference. Once normal rhythms are resumed, the weight gained (which is mostly due to fluid retention) will in fact vanish within a few days.

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